6 | SEPTEMBER | 2024



ADELINA mccall

MARCUS gregory

Our Story

The beginning...


Marcus and Adelina first met in 2008. They were in the same grade 6 class at Sandhills Public school. As they got older, they continued to attend the same school and were always good friends. After reconnecting in the spring of 2015, they became a couple on May 1st 2015.



After seven years of being together, Marcus proposed to Adelina in Mexico. The date was December 4th 2022. Their wedding will be on September 6th 2024 at Tapestry Hall.

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The middle...


In August of 2016, Marcus and Adelina moved to Ottawa together and got their first place in the east end of Ottawa. They also brought with them their new furry friend, Griffin (better known as Biff), a dog they rescued and adopted before moving.


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Order of Events

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The Details


4:00pm at Tapestry Hall

74 Grand Ave South, Cambridge, ON N1S 2L9


Parking is available on site, across the street from the venue's main entrance. Overnight parking is permitted.


Click here for more information about accommodations.

The Wedding Party

Maids of Honour

Laura Dwyer

Lola Sundara


Julia MacKinnon

Megan Martin

Morgan Young

Stephanie McCall

Abby Yuill

Best Man

Mack Lewis


Daniel Lavoie

Ellis Pond

Kyler Smith

Owen Gregory

Russell Noureddine

Conor Thompson

Please Reply

We can't wait to celebrate with you...

You have been invited to the wedding of Adelina McCall and Marcus Gregory taking place on September 6th 2024 at Tapestry Hall (74 Grand Ave S, Cambridge, ON N1S 2L9). Please RSVP using the form below. We ask that all invited guests please respond by May 1st 2024. At this time, we will not be able to accommodate any responses made after this date and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We will miss celebrating with you!

Adelina & Marcus

Need help? See our F&Q page below


Staying over?

The following accommodations are available near the venue. All reservations must be made independently and will available on a “first come, first serve basis”. Other accommodations are also available near by across KW region.

Gift Registry

Thinking of bringing a gift?

We already have everything we could ask for, therefore, in lieu of gifts, we ask that you please consider contributing to our honeymoon fund. For those who insist on giving a physical gift, we have set up a registry with a few items of our liking as well.

Need help? See our F&Q page below


What will the weather be like?

Both our ceremony and reception will be taking place indoors. The venue is temperature controlled which makes dressing for the occasion that much easier. Please see below for our dress code.

What should I wear?

Our wedding is designated as a 'black tie' event, and we would be delighted if our guests could honor the occasion by dressing in all black attire. When possible, please do not wear white.

Are kids welcome?

As much as we love your little ones, our wedding day is going to be an adults-only (18+) event. We appreciate your understanding and for making arrangements ahead of time for your kids. We can't wait to celebrate with you.

Can I bring a guest?

If you would like to bring a guest that was not included on our initial guest list please let us know ahead of time using the RSVP form (here). Unfortunately, those who do not RSVP by May 1st 2024 will be unable to attend as we have a strict guest list limit.

Where will I stay?

Please see the accommodations page above for different hotel and/or Airbnb options. At this time, no formal accommodations or room blocks will be booked ahead of the wedding by the bride or groom. All accommodations should be made prior to travelling to the event.

How do I use QR codes?

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1) Open your device's camera or scanner app;

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Contact Us


Adelina (519-897-0113)

Marcus (613-617-3996)